Have you ever found yourself at a loss when searching for that perfect gift?

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A luxurious cake for any occasion

Have you often felt that your gift seemed to fall short of what your heart was really feeling and wanting to express?

Do you feel that you’re not creative enough to come up with something that will be remembered forever?

And what about special events? Do you ever find yourself wondering what gifts can be given to those in attendance; something that will not only be remembered for years to come, but something that no one would ever dream of giving or receiving?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are at the right place. The Extraordinary Gift can take your gifting experience to a whole new level and you’ll become the connoisseur of gifts within your family and your circle of friends.


Who is behind The Extraordinary Gift?

Cheryl Smith is your very own personal gift concierge. She is the one that makes your gifting desires come to life, and has been successfully doing this for several years. She has a true gift in her ability to touch the human spirit in ways that only few can, and knows how to take the simplest idea and turn it into a masterpiece. She is truly a master in capturing the very essence of a person through the gift creations she meticulously designs.


The Extraordinary Gift is your place to create personal gifts that are beyond what is regular, ordinary or usual and is something that goes beyond what is expected for the special people in your life. We do this by helping people build that extraordinary moment in a person’s life and creating a gift or experience that they will never forget.

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