Extraordinary People – Remembering Malaysia Flight 17

Remembering the Extraordinary People in our Lives

No one wants to talk about it. No one wants to think about it. No one wants to admit it will happen to them and no one wants to live through the pain of it.

Malaysia Flight 17

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash Site

On July 17, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot out of the sky and leaving hundreds lifeless. It wasn’t just those that were lost in the plane, but it was the thousands that were personally affected from the loss of mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and even best friends. Lives would be changed forever. Their loved ones and friends were gone and would never come home again. How could something so tragic as this occur? And why did it have to happen?

Why, Why, Why

Although these questions are always asked by someone experiencing grief, there are really no comforting answers. There’s no preparation and there’s no way to determine the emotions that one will go through. Only emptiness has found its way home nowThe one thing that is true, however, is that of all of the planning for trips, the summer vacations, homework, dinner for the family, grocery shopping or getting those monthly bills paid, none seem to matter. Only emptiness has found its way home now, and it’s a feeling that is surreal. As the reality of this tragedy begins to solidify its presence within you, you begin to yearn for the extraordinary pleasures, the extraordinary moments, the extraordinary gifts that once seemed so unimportant but are now the primary reason for your existence. You begin to think of what you took for granted and what you wish you could have again. “What if I could give him one last kiss?” “What if I could pack her one more lunch?” “What if I could take her shopping one more time?” “What if I read him just one more bedtime story?” It’s funny that these so-called meaningless moments in life become the most meaningful memories we will ever have. They are the moments we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Tragedy Turned Gift

When the debris from Malaysia Flight 17 was shown on media outlets throughout the world, the fragments of lost lives took the breath away from a world mourning its loss. We were shown the smallest, and what would once seem incidental, items that meant so much in those final moments of life. We were shown images of coloring books, headphones used to listen to a favorite Extraordinary moments become extraordinary giftssong or television show, a book being read or the picture of a boyfriend. It was the sunglasses that had been purchased in the airport before the flight or the Snickers bar that was only partially eaten. Those were the things that were so small but meant so much in those last few moments. Although we think of extraordinary gifts as something that is beyond our wildest imagination and something that is insurmountable and for some unattainable, in reality it’s really the extraordinary moments and small comforts that become the extraordinary gifts in our lives. The passengers on Malaysia Flight 17 gave us these extraordinary gifts and in a way that we could never imagine; the gift of simplicity, of memories, of trust and of contentment. We too must find our own everyday extraordinary gifts in enjoying each moment within ourselves and with the ones we love.

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