What Makes an Extraordinary Gift?

The Extraordinary Gift

Extraordinary Gifts for All

An extraordinary gift is more than just the shirt and tie set or the bottle of perfume and roses. It’s presenting the unexpected and creating a surprise that is “over the top” in every aspect. Doing something extraordinary is to do it in a highly exceptional way. It’s astonishing, incredibly spectacular. It’s what’s unusual or remarkable.

I remember a gentleman who had contacted me about wanting to get his wife a car, a Mercedes to be exact. It was for no special occasion, but just a token of his love. But the one thing that he didn’t want was to present it to her at their home. It had to be somewhere different.

So we did some research about extraordinary locations that would offer the unique backdrop for such a gift. I found that his wife loved water and the outdoors. Also, I learned that she and her husband had worked hard in building their own business. It was a real “rags to riches” story. Over the years she would always tell him, “I’m living my dream.” That was her personal catch phrase. With these elements, my brain went to work and The Extraordinary Gift was already being created.

After the planning was completed, her husband arranged for a nice lunch on the pier. The day was perfect for the occasion, and she was clueless as to what was about to happen. Then, at a predetermined time, a fairy boat arrived at the dock with a banner blowing in the wind that read “I’m Living My Dream.” At the front of the boat was her brand new Mercedes. No other cars were on the boat, as we had worked that out with the owner of the fairy boat.

Every detail was orchestrated, and people were in place to ensure all of the pieces fell together. She was in awe and could not believe her husband had planned such an exquisite surprise for her. It was truly amazing, and he was her hero.

Doing something extraordinary is different from one person to the next, because each person’s lifestyles are different from the next, and their accomplishments in life vary. But in any case, there are extraordinary gifts to be given to everyone.

What is your extraordinary gift? Share your comments.

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