Picking Gift Themes – Making the Gifting Experience Easy

Have you ever thought about building your gift around a theme? Picking gift themes can actually be easy. It could be geared toward an event, a holiday, a special occasion or an item. Theme gifting can be a fun way to approach the gift purchasing experience.

I’m going to use my dad in this example. He loves music, but more specifically he loves jazz music and music from the big band/swing era. So I’m going to put together a theme-tailored gift around big band music. I first decide that I want to send him to a big band concert. So I pick a date and purchase the tickets.

Picking Gift Themes

Theme Gifting Ideas

But I don’t just want to get the tickets as a gift; I want to do more that will segue into the concert tickets.  So I start thinking about some of the albums that he has and the collectibles that he has in office. After some research, I decide it would be perfect to purchase a “Big Band – Through the Years” collectors series to go along with the tickets. So I search, and I find. The series exists, and it will definitely be a nice addition to the gift.

Now one more thing. I need to find the latest album of the band that he is going to see, and I purchase that too. Then the gift is complete: tickets, a collector’s series and the latest album, all tailored to the Big Band theme.

Theme gifting is actually an easy approach to purchasing a gift when you are buying for someone who has everything. It also makes life a little easier when you don’t have much time to shop. Let the theme do the work for you. Once you pick the theme, the rest is easy. This article offers some more great tips for theme gifting all year long!

What types of themes would work for you? Let me know your thoughts!

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