The Perfect Gift For Mom

Finding the Perfect Gift is More Than Just a Gift

The Perfect Gift for Mom

Mom and daughter time.

I can give you a shopping list of ideas that would be perfect for any mom, or give you pictures of items to purchase along with a handy-dandy price list. But in reality, when you’re searching for gift ideas for mom on the Internet, that’s exactly what you will find: loads of sites with ideas and accompanying pictures. That’s ok IF you already know what the perfect gift for mom is going to be for the occasion. All of us are capable of searching the web and making our purchases, but let’s take a step back and focus in on those of us who have no idea where to start in finding the perfect gift.

As you begin to think about your mom, don’t focus on the traditional gifts (i.e. flowers, perfume, jewelry, etc.) that society tells us to purchase. Think about the things that make your mom your mom. The things that make her unique, and the things that make her glow and smile. That’s where you begin. I’m sure she’s been spoiled with various gifts over the years that have been nice, but have also been “the easy way out” assortment of presents. But that’s ok, because we’ve all been down that road. So now I’m challenging you to do something unordinary, something unique and something totally unexpected as you find the perfect gift for mom.

Where to Start

Finding The Perfect Gift For Mom

There’s nothing better than loving on mom.

  1. Take a few minutes to reflect about the things that she’s accomplished, her hobbies, her goals.
  2. Reflect on things that she’s said she’s always wanted to do. This could be something she’s wanted to try (a type of food, a new perfume, learning how to do a patchwork rug, etc.), a place she’s wanted to go (another state, a play or the lake) or maybe a long lost friend she’s wanted to find.
  3. Now think of all of the memories you’ve had with her as a child. The hurts she’s cured, the people she’s helped, the meals she’s prepared, the games she’s attended and the endless nights of homework she’s helped you complete. I’ll bet you’ll find she’s pretty amazing.

Now that we’ve done some reflecting, your mind should be racing with ideas. You should be seeing your mom in a different light. In a manner that’s more than just flowers and a card. You should see all that she has been, what she is today and what she still wants out of life. You have the opportunity to help make that come to pass as you find the perfect gift.

Finding The Perfect Gift For Mom

Precious time with mom.

Don’t be afraid to go big, outrageous and phenomenal. She’s your mom. Recreate some special memories for her. Get her that special something she’s always wanted, but always found a reason not to get it for herself. Help her achieve some of the goals she’s wanted to obtain, but most importantly, make her feel amazing and special. You’ll find that finding the perfect gift for mom is actually finding the perfect gift for you too. Have fun!

If you still find yourself at a loss, drop us a line. The Extraordinary Gift is here to help.

Share with us what gifts you’re giving to mom and how you decided what to give her!

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