Wine or Champagne? Picking the right one for any occasion

Wine or Champagne? Hmmm… Have you ever wondered when it’s most appropriate to serve wine or champagne? Have you ever wondered what types of settings would constitute one over the other? We’ve all in been in that boat before and could only hope that we were making the right choice.

Wine or Champagne - Red Wine

A glass of red wine on a Sunday afternoon.

Well, wine and champagne are both known for setting the mood for any occasion. Not only do they represent a level of elegance and sophistication, but they also make great conversational accents to any setting.

So let’s talk about some different occasions.

First Date
A white wine is perfect. It’s generally sweet. It goes with several food choices, and it’s quaint, yet elegant. It’s also good to select a wine that you yourself enjoy. It gives you a starting point for conversation as to why you have selected it and what makes it appropriate for the occasion. If you’re not 100% sure, then go with champagne. Bubbly will always work, and undoubtedly elevate any setting.

Get Together With Friends
Of course, a full-bodied red, one that is mostly Zinfandel. It’s perfect with cheese and crackers or chicken salad. However, if you’re going the chips and salsa route, then some bubbles would be a better fit. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sophisticated afternoon book club luncheon, then a cool, light sophisticated un-oaked Chardonnay is a great choice.

Wine or Champagne: Strawberry Champagne

Strawberries and Bubbly!

Your Anniversary
The best choice here is the choice you made on the first date. It’s a token to remember the beauty of the start of your relationship. If you’re still in doubt try a pinot noir. Also, pinot noir has it’s own unique set of seductive powers. It’s a great choice for a classy and romantic evening.

The Holidays
When the holidays arrive, do you find yourself enjoying the togetherness of friends and family or do you face the season in frustration and stress? If the holidays are filled with angst, then perhaps some wine in quantity may be of importance to get you through the moment. With this in mind, some Wineberry box wines are quite appropriate. They are tasty, yet won’t break the pocketbook.

However, if you find yourself being the host or hostess of the hour and the one everyone seems to depend on for their fill of holiday cheer, then something like a Langhe Nebbiolo is perfect and can still impress even the finest wine connoisseur.

Wine or Champagne: Food and Wine Pairing

The best food and wine combinations

New Year’s Eve
Champagne of course is the perfect choice for such a festive occasion. It’s light. It can help settle your tummy after lots of rich foods. And, it’s perfect to keep the spirits light while bringing in the New Year. You can always go with a traditional choice of champagne, but if you want to go with something different try a grower champagne. It is a handcrafted wine with genuine goût de terroir, and is generally a culture and business that is passed on through generations. If you’re wondering, a Vertus-based Larmandier-Bernier is a great choice and would be perfect for your New Year’s celebration.

Serving and Presenting Your Champagne or Wine of Choice

Once you’ve made your selection for the special occasion, then it is imperative to make certain your presentation meets the same sophistication as your drink of choice. If you’ve ever heard the saying “It’s all in the presentation,” then know it’s absolutely true. Sometimes your guests will not even concern themselves with what is being served if it is prepared and served with class and style. How you serve and present your champagne and wine will be the icing on the cake after having made a chic and elegant drink selection. 

So what will it be for you? Wine or champagne? Let me know your thoughts on this.


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